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  1.A.however B.narrow C.shallow D.snowy

  2.A.adverb B.birthday C.curtai D.cigar

  3.A.receipt B.reception C.psychological D.psychology

  4.A.area B.appeal C.bacteria D.cafeteria

  5.A.naked B.complicated C.snowboarded D.described

  Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure

  6.I like the clouds at sunset because it seems relaxing

  A.watch B.to watch C.watched D.watching

  7.Unless you work hard you your test.

  A.will pass B.will not pass C.would pass D.would not pass

  8.Do earthquakes often in North America?

  A.break B.break out C.happen to D.occur

  9.Nowhere else in the world more friendly people than in this small town.

  A.you might find B.you will find C.can you find D.should you find

  10.It looks the family has got a lot of problems.

  A.as long as B.as if C.while D.though

  11.You may think you know the answer but you don’t, ?

  A. don't you B. may you C. may not you D. do you

  12. I've worked here since I Harvard Business School.

  A. leave B. left C. have left D. had left

  13. -- Would you prefer tea or coffee?

  -- I have some coffee, please.

  A. will B. am going to C. am about D. would

  14. -- How much sugar is left?


  A. None B. Nothing C. Not many D. Few

  15. You see the doctor if that back ache persists.

  A. better B. better have C. have better D. had better

  16. Please fill this online application form.

  A. up B. on C. out D. with

  17. -- I've never seen that movie.

  have I.

  A. So B. Either C. Neither D. Too

  18. -- do you play tennis?

  -- Twice a month.

  A. When B. What C. How often D. How

  19. He that he was going to visit his sister in Ohio.

  A. said B. talked C. told D. spoke

  20. explores the nature of guilt and responsibility and builds to a remarkable conclusion.

  A. The written beautifully novel B. The beautifully written novel

  C. The novel beautifully written D. The written novel beautifully

  Ⅲ. Cloze

  Hawaii, the youngest state of the United States, is different in many ways from the mainland states. The Hawaiian people are a mixture of the 21 Hawaiians and many immigrants who arrived 22 When the first pineapple plantations 23 in Hawaii in the 1900's, there were not enough people living on the islands to do all the work. 24 more came: the Chinese, Japanese, and the Portuguese were the main groups.

  For many years, Hawaiian customs were looked down on or 25 Now there is new pride in the old ways. Children are learning the 26 language and the traditional songs and dances. At the University of Hawaii there is a great deal of interest in the history of the islands and the culture of the 27

  Visitors to the islands 28 to see the island paradise as it 29 to be. Large numbers of tourists from the Mainland 30 in Hawaii daily. Signs of modern tourism are 31 Honolulu and its suburbs, a quiet area of about 250,000 thirty years 32 , is now a crowded area of 800,000 residents and 33

  As you drive around the island of Oahu, you can find some of the beaches are closed 34 the public, and more and more tourist resorts are being built in areas that were unspoiled. Hawaiians 35 about what will happen to the old way of life.

  21. A. local B. original C. folk D. migratory

  22. A. later B. first C. earlier D. last

  23. A. planted B. would plant C. were being plantedD. had been planted

  24. A. When B. That C. So D. Though

  25. A. respected B. admired C. damaged D. ignored

  26. A. Chinese B. Hawaiian C. Japanese D. Portuguese

  27. A. past B. today C. America D. other countries

  28. A. enjoy B. willing C. want D. are like

  29. A. are used B. was C. used D. would

  30. A. approach B. arrive C. reach D. stay

  31. A. somewhere B. anywhere C. nowhere D. everywhere

  32. A. before B. ago C. over D. near

  33. A. tourists B. immigrants C. people D. crowds

  34. A. for B. from C. toward D. to

  35. A. wonder B. think C. puzzle D. worry

  IV. Reading Comprehension

  Passage One

  Man's story in China began many thousands of years ago. Remains of an early form of man discovered in China, known as Peking Man, indicate that Stone Age men lived in the area as long as 500,000 years ago. During the centuries that followed, their descendants laid the foundations of civilization in China.

  Throughout its history, China has been a rich source of inventions. Silk, the compass, tea and porcelain originated there. In addition, they are responsible for the invention of paper and printing. The Chinese had used ink as early as 1 200 B. C. , an excellent type which they made from lampblack and which is known in English as India ink or China ink. By the end of the first century A. D. , the Chinese had invented paper.

  The Chinese also invented printing. Early Chinese printing is called block printing. The printer carved raised characters on a block of wood, wet the surface of the characters with ink, and pressed sheets of paper against them. Printers in the 11th century went on to invent movable type of baked clay. The characters of the movable type could be rearranged to form different words and thus be used over and over again. The Chinese alphabet has about 40 thousand characters. Because of the difficulty of producing so many pieces of type, most Chinese printers continued to use block printing.

  36. A good synonym for the underlined word "descendants" in paragraph 1 is

  A. foreigners B. following generations

  C. enemies D. fossilized remains

  37. The name of an earlier form of man found in China is

  A. New Stone Man B. Silk Man

  C. Peking Man D. India Man

  38. Which type of printing is more convenient based on the passage?

  A. Movable type. B. Baked clay.

  C. Block printing. D. Wet ink.

  39. This passage talks mostly about

  A. the landforms of China B. the people of China

  C. Chinese explorers D. Chinese history

  Passage Two

  American Blacks experienced a revolution after 1945, a revolution in expectations. Following World War Ⅱ , the steady movement toward first-class citizenship for Black people quickened, with significant actions taking place in courts of law, in voting booths, in restaurants and in the streets of the nation.

  A decade of intense civil rights activity was launched in 1954 when the United States Supreme Court declared segregated schools to be unconstitutional. In 1955, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , effectively organized the Blacks of Atlanta, Georgia, in a bus boycott. The boycott lasted two years, and when it was over, Blacks no longer were degraded by being forced to sit or stand in the rear of buses.

  In 1960, a group of Black college students decided that they, as well as white persons, had the right to eat at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. This sit-in sparked an aggressive national movement and, in the next few years, thousands of young men and women--Black and White, North and South--overturned local laws and customs that had maintained segregation. Sit-ins, pray-ins, freedom rides, freedom marches and demonstrations to open all schools to Black children took place across the nation.

  40. Several important actions took place to change the status of black people

  A. after World War Ⅱ B. in 1954

  C. before 1945 D. in 1960

  41. In which city was the bus boycott organized?

  A. Georgia. B. Greensboro.

  C. North Carolina. D. Atlanta.

  42. Who are the first to make the success of sit-in become true?

  A. Black college students and whites.B. First-class citizens.

  C. The Blacks of Atlanta.D. Young men and women in Greensboro.

  43. The best title for this passage could be

  A. Black History B. Educational Opportunities for Blacks

  C. The Fight for Equality D. Civil Rights Workers of the '60s


  Directions:For this part,you are supposed to write a letter in English in l00-120 words based

  on the following situation.Remember to write it clearly.

  48.你(Li Yuan)的一个朋友准备出院,写封信表示宽慰,并鼓励他/她。其内容如下:







  1.A 2.D 3.B 4.B 5.D

  Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure


  6.D 7.B 8.D 9.C l0.B ll.D l2.B l3.A l4.A l5.D l6.C l7.C

  18.C l9.A 20.B



  21.B 22.A 23.C 24.C 25.D 26.B 27.A 28.C 29.C 30.B 31.D

  32.B 33.A 34.D 35.D

  Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension


  36.B 37.C 38.C 39.D


  40.A 41.D 42.A 43.C


  Dear Rebaca,

  I heard from your sister that you are to be out of hospital and back with your family and friends. How wonderful it is, Rebaca ! I just couldn't tell you how all of us worry about you. We all understand that it is a hard time for you and your family. Please let us know if you need help and we'll try our best as usual.

  I saw Tom yesterday and he looked much better when we talked about your coming home. And

  your little daughter looked much prettier than last year. We all love her.

  Bob is so delighted to hear your fine progress. Keep it up and come back soon, Rebaca. We all

  feel happy for you.


  Li Yuan

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